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We offer competitive fixed interest rates, flexible loan repayment options, with no deposit options. Here at Exceed Finance, we make getting a motorcycle loan easy and straightforward for everyone in New Zealand.


We’ll personalise your loans to meet your needs, making sure you get a deal that works for you.

  With us, you’re closer to owning that dream bike with financing that fits your budget.


Just fill out our quick online finance application, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Motorcycle Finance Calculator

Use our motorbike finance calculator to get an estimate on what your repayments may be, different loan terms and interest rates on your motorcycle, as well as how much you may be able to borrow!


*Interest rate is indicative range only. T&Cs, Fees, and lending criteria will apply. This calculation is a guide only, not a quote.


Submitting a motorbike loan application with Exceed Finance could not be easier. Just fill out our online application form and submit the relevant documents.


Our quick processing times and flexible hours make it clear that you are our priority! We aim to get back to you within an hour, allowing you to enjoy fast approval!


Once your motorcycle finance has been approved, you're free to get out there and live it up on the road with your new bike as soon as possible!

Motorbike Financing that Moves with You

Whether you’re weaving through the bustling streets of Auckland, cruising down the scenic routes of Christchurch, or tackling the varied terrains or Wellington, Exceed Finance is your trusted partner.

We understand the diverse needs of riders across New Zealand, and we’re committed to making motorcycle finance as enjoyable as the ride itself.


Why Riders Across New Zealand Choose Exceed Finance:


  • High Approval Rates: We’ve helped countless motorcycle riders, from beginners to long-time enthusiasts, secure the financing they need to get on the road quickly. Our experience ensures a high success rate for your motorbike loan application, no matter your riding history.
  • Dedicated Customer Service: At Exceed Finance, every customer matters. Out team is known for its friendly approach and dedication to providing a personalised service that makes the finance process smooth and stress-free.
motorcycle loan
motorcycle loan
motorcycle loan

motorcycle loan options built for your needs


  • Have a specific Motorbike in mind? Awesome! Give us a call and we’ll quickly arrange the finance you need to make it yours! 
  • Still searching for that perfect ride? No problem – our team will secure you a pre-approved loan, helping you set a clear budget so you can find the right motorbike.
  • Saved up some cash and prefer not to spend it all at once? Opting for finance could be your best choice. Whether you intend to finance the entire bike or just part of it, we’re here to assist.
  • Buying privately or through a dealer? We’ve got you covered. Our experienced team will sort the financing side so you can focus on planning your next adventure on the road.
Discover our wide range of finance options, which include some of the most competitive motorcycle loan terms and interest rates available. Apply online today for a quick approval!

Motorcycle finance options

sports bike

motorcycle loan

A Sports Bike is exactly as the name suggest, a motorbike made for sports. Whether it be a full on 1000cc weapon or a 300cc Learners Approved motorcycle, sports bikes are in abundance. They are best ridden solo so you can enjoy the full range of motion including scraping your knee on the ground as you zip through the bends.


The perfect example of a Sports Bike is a Yamaha R1 or a Kawasaki Ninja.


motorcycle loan

 A Cruiser is a Motorbike that is built for comfort not speed. Sitting on a comfortable seat, optional saddle bags, a load of torque at the twist of the wrist and you are enjoying more freedom than you could have thought. They are great for riding with a passenger due to the comfort the passenger gets, especially with a sissy bar!


A Harley Davidson or an Indian are both the ideal reference when looking at Cruisers.



motorcycle loan

 A Tourer may look similar to its cousin the Dual Purpose, but each have some key defining features. The tourer is generally on the road only and extremely comfortable like a cruiser but much more sport oriented. Tourers are becoming less popular with the range of Dual Purpose becoming so vast, but with the winning crossover between sport and comfort the Tourer is holding it’s place in the market.


The perfect example of a Tourer is a Honda VFR.

Dual Purpose

motorcycle loan

A Dual Purpose is similar to a Tourer in shape and style but in terms of functionality they are completely different. The most notable difference being the Dual Purpose bike gives you the ability to go off road too offering the best of both worlds. Tourers are becoming less popular with the range of Dual Purpose becoming so vast. 


The KTM Adventurer is a great reference when shopping for a Dual Purpose bike.

sports bike

motorcycle loan


motorcycle loan


motorcycle loan

dual purpose

motorcycle loan

Motorcycle Finance FAQ

When it comes to getting financing for a motorcycle, there are a few things you need in order to be eligible:

  • Be 18 years or older
  • Be a New Zealand resident or visa holder
  • Have a valid passport or NZ driver licence
  • Have proof of your address

Additionally, you need to be able to provide bank statements of the most current 90 days, as well as payslips for proof of income.

This will depend on a few factors. Having a good credit score definitely helps, however we understand life happens. Exceed Finance has options for financing a motorbike loan even if your credit score isn’t the highest.

We will do an assessment on your individual situation and try to help you out as best we can, though things such as defaults or multiple arrears may decrease your approval chances.

Feel free to get in touch with us and we can see what we can do for you!

When it comes to getting a loan for a motorcycle, you can borrow from anywhere between $5,000 to $250,000+ as long as we’re confident that you will be able to make your bike loan repayments.

Yes! If you’re looking to buy a motorbike and want peace of mind knowing what you can afford, getting pre approved is a great idea!

Exceed Finance can secure you with pre approved finance so you can spend more time shopping for that perfect bike and less time worrying about the cost.

Depending on how quickly you get the requested documents to us, your finance for a motorcycle could be approved on the same day of your application.

In some cases there may be delays depending on the time of day you put in your application, as well as busy periods for lenders.


Applying for a debt consolidation loan or looking to refinance a car loan with Exceed Finance we make this easy. Fill out our online application form to get the ball rolling


Our speedy processing times and flexible services make it clear that you are our priority! We aim to respond to you within an hour, enabling you to benefit from a swift approval process!


Upon approval of your debt consolidation loan, we'll guide you through the next steps. With Exceed Finance, you can start the journey towards financial freedom as soon as possible.


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